Yesterday (Nov. 3, 2020), I spent the very long day working as an election inspector along with seven other community members, four each from the two major political parties. I witnessed a steady stream of people from all parties wait patiently for their turn to vote. Without exception, everyone was respectful and, for the most part, pleasant.

As I got in my car, feeling the fatigue of a 17-hour workday, I realized that for people working at the Board of Elections, the workday was even longer! I thought of the many, many calls we inspectors made to the Board, seeking help with the various problems that arise on Election Day. Each and every time, our calls were responded to with calm patience and a willingness to find a solution. Our poll site is one of 25 in Livingston County and I have no doubt that calls were coming in from the other 24. The responsiveness to those calls is indicative of the professionalism and expertise of the Board of Elections. They work hard to organize, manage and implement the process that allows every eligible person in the county the opportunity to vote, safely and securely. They do so behind the scenes and without fanfare. They deserve our gratitude. They`ve certainly earned it.

Like election inspectors, the Board of Election members equally represent both parties. Pulling into my driveway, I thought about the fact that half the people who had worked together would likely be disappointed with the outcome of this monumental election. I feel confident that whoever is disappointed will handle it maturely and it will not impede our working together cooperatively in future elections — or wherever our paths may meet. I sat in my car for a few more minutes sincerely hoping that more of us than not feel the same.

Jean Hennessey


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