Happy with Jacobs’ representation

Rep. Chris Jacobs

I would like to comment on the letter, “Jacobs Spreading Fear About Green Light Law” (Daily News, Oct. 15). This is the latest of many letters that William Fine has written attacking Republicans. The last time Chris Collins ran for congress, in a letter to this publication, Mr. Fine said the only way to speak with Collins was to pay to attend one of his fundraisers. Collins’ Chief of Staff set the record straight by stating that Mr. Fine shook Congressman Collins’ hand and spoke to him a couple weeks earlier at an event honoring veterans. I keep this lapse of credibility in mind when reading Mr. Fine’s letters.

I understand that Mr. Fine doesn’t like Republicans but I wish he would give me a reason to vote for Nate McMurray other than, he isn’t a Republican. For instance what did he accomplish as Grand Island supervisor. There are only generalities on his website, no specifics. I know one reason not to vote for McMurray is his bullying of editors who criticize him.

When Chris Jacobs was Erie County Clerk, he cleaned up an unacceptable backlog of pistol permits left by his predecessor Kathy Hochul who was too busy campaigning for congress to do her job.

I am happy with how Congressman Jacobs has been representing the NY 27th Congressional District. It is going to take more than Jacobs, “is worried that the Green Light Law might allow undocumented immigrants to vote,” for me to vote against him.

Ronald Heppner


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