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First observed in October 1981 as a national “Day of Unity,” Domestic Violence Awareness Month is held each October as a way to unite advocates across the nation in their efforts to end domestic violence. Community and advocacy organizations throughout the country connect with the public and…

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back out into the atmosphere, which in return helps the environment “breathe.” That is what science class taught us. So, cutting down trees, acres of trees to install solar arrays for “green energy,” where solar panel arrays don’t release oxygen…

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Back in 1928, Herbert Hoover wanted a “car in every garage”. If he were alive today, with that goal realized, his new slogan might be a “kayak in every garage.” Kayaks are everywhere. It seems like everyone has one.

I read with interest Doug Miller’s letter to the editor concerning professional sports athletes, characterizing them as “monkeys truly running the zoo”, in The Daily News (“Bills brotherhood has become a zoo,” Sept. 8).

So you like our present American president? Why? He allows any foreigner into our country with no standards regarding health, allegiance, anything! All these intruders are law breakers and money takers. What help are they to you or I?

I just loved Bob Confer’s piece, “Newspapers are still indispensable” in The Daily News on Tuesday, Sept. 7. There is nothing like holding a physical newspaper in your hands and reading it. I hope that newspapers never fade away. I subscribe to many of them and enjoy them all.

As you know sports journalism is cluttered with clichés which flaunt a multitude of mysteries which have resulted in athletic achievement. Regardless of the sport, athletic team success is very often hailed as resulting from . . . “the brotherhood of the team”, or the fact that “we are famil…

Lies and misinformation campaigns have fueled the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed more than 618,000 Americans — and counting. Social media posts have promulgated conspiracy theories about the origins of the coronavirus, the severity of the pandemic, treatment options, and, of course, vaccines.

Leaders throughout New york sent out congratulatory messages to Gov. Kathy Hochul on Tuesday, some just minutes after she became the state’s first female governor at 12:01 a.m.

GEORGETOWN, Texas (Tribune News Service) — The fall of Afghanistan was predictable, but even the most pessimistic foreign policy experts must be surprised by the rapidly developing momentum of the Taliban’s push to establish complete control of the country.

TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE — A talk show producer was calling him sexy; his instructive, caring, humorous press conferences on COVID-19 had won him an Emmy; a publisher was paying him $5 million for a book he wrote about his leadership excellence; and many had him pegged as a future president.

In my May 13 essay, “Honesty and balance needed in teaching of history,” I wrote, “In considering the overall success of SUNY history offerings throughout our state, as evidenced by many positive student evaluations of most of these courses, I would remind SUNY officials in Albany who want t…

The shocking and credible allegations of serious, and possibly criminal, misconduct by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as revealed in the recent report from Attorney General Letitia James, cause us great concern.

As high schoolers, most of us learned about the Monroe Doctrine. Many people assume that the Monroe Doctrine is United States law, and possibly even international law. It isn’t either of these.

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Sunday’s edition of the Buffalo New dropped a bombshell: The Buffalo Bills are in talks with New York and Erie County officials about a proposed new stadium and the Pegula family wants taxpayers to foot the entire bill to the tune of $1.1 billion.