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Masks protect others, not the one wearing the mask. I have heard it argued that wearing a mask infringes on one’s rights. You do not have a right to infect others. People can be asymptotic and spread the virus unknowingly. Masks help prevent the spread of the disease.

I am confused over some articles I have read in The Daily News regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo in the past few days. In Wednesday’s paper, Cuomo says that “Washington must act smartly,” and complains that those in our nation’s capital are playing politics during this international disaster. …

Re-opening our state for business isn’t about numbers like stock prices and GDP figures, it’s about preserving communities and a way of life that people have worked to build for centuries.

Well, we are still quarantined and not allowed to visit other people, except by phone, e-mail or Facebook. I’m fortunate that I have my husband, Richard to talk with and fix meals for, so I’m not lonely.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following statement was released by members of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors following is April 9 briefing about the COVID-19 crisis in their county:

It’s the day after Palm Sunday and the fourth Sunday we’ve had to miss attending church. It really doesn’t seem like a Sunday, when you are used to going no matter what the weather or how tired you are. Going to church is the normal thing for me to do. Now since this “stay at home” came into…

I just wanted to share with others the beauty of Spring signs now. Daffodils are blooming, buds are budding, getting ready to spring forth their beautiful flowers and leaves that were dormant and in sleeping isolation for the winter.

A lot has happened since I last wrote my Valentine message and life has changed for all of us. This coronavirus has made a great difference in all of our lives, and the cancelling of events and other issues have changed the way we live each day.

Panic is setting in Gov.Cuomo’s office and the higher echelons of New York State government as the realization sets in that the self-imposed and ill-conceived goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act cannot be met through the Article 10 process.

To me, there’s at least one huge benefit to be realized from the coronavirus which threatens the entire world. Because of the tremendous impact this ailment has caused – not only the physical health of all of us and the severe toll on the world economy – we are suddenly forced to recognize t…

Local governments are already under enormous stress in New York, between the crushing weight of unfunded mandates driving up property taxes, counties being forced to pay for a portion of Aid and Incentives for Municipalities funding and the Governor’s plan to shift increasing Medicaid costs …

The political belief system that has, for a few years now, exclaimed that “fake news” is everywhere has been heartily engaged in creating and believing its own in recent weeks.

Fentanyl, while providing great help and hope to those suffering from chronic pain throughout the United States, has also been the cause of tragic suffering and death for hundreds of thousands of people.