I am confused over some articles I have read in The Daily News regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo in the past few days. In Wednesday’s paper, Cuomo says that “Washington must act smartly,” and complains that those in our nation’s capital are playing politics during this international disaster. He further goes on to say how he knows where in our state the money should be sent to and how it would be spent best, implying that those representatives in the capital do not.

However, in the article “K-12 schools warn of coming ‘disaster’” from Saturday’s paper — buried in the last paragraph — it says that Cuomo cut $1.1 billion from the State’s education budget which was, “the exact amount that Congress had allocated to New York school districts” as part of the CARES Act. Does that mean all of the aid intended to help New York State schools from Washington then got taken away by our governor in his budget, so in essence the schools received no financial help from Washington, thanks to Cuomo’s political sleight of hand?

It sounds like Cuomo wants more federal money earmarked for specific state groups and organizations so that he can then cut them out of his budget and wash his hands of the financial problem our state is in and then sit back and complain that Washington is not doing enough. The money was sent from Washington to the people who need it and our governor is standing in the way, making it difficult for New Yorkers to get any renumeration we were entitled to.

If I was in Washington I would be very wary to send any more state aide if Governor Cuomo will take it away to offset what the state’s budget is supposed to be doing.

Paul Meloon


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