Anxiety, depression and the hidden truth about mental health struggles

Synithia Raymond

Special to The Daily News

For many years minorities have been dealing with constant hate, discrimination, and racism. It’s beginning to become and is almost normal and expected. This is disgusting and unacceptable. Is this any way to treat any individual let alone minorities??

I just want to take this time and really touch on some pretty shaky subjects that I know may be hard for a lot of people to accept and to hear, but it needs to be said so I’ll just go ahead and say it (shrugs shoulders) because, well you don’t know me, but you will very soon. I say what’s on my mind very often, maybe too often actually. It sometimes gets me into trouble, but so what. Spot, aim and throw baby! lol

So, as we all know it’s not hard to see that the black on black crime levels are without a doubt skyrocketing. We argue, fight physically, mentally and emotionally bring one another down on a regular basis. Why is this? We hate to see another black person succeed (hating) or have the finer things in life due to our own success so this is what we do. It’s really concerning, alarming and very disturbing that we can be so negative to one another, hurt one another and kill one another without even a second thought. The moment a white cop or white individual does anything even remotely close to these kinds of acts against us, now all of a sudden we want to be all “united.”

Really, seriously, where the hell is the unity in this??

Yes guys, I said it, and I will not apologize for it. This is how I’ve been feeling for quite some time and so have a lot of you. So let’s talk about it.

C’mon. Why is this how we love? Can we please do things differently? We have children and other people looking up to us, we can’t possibly think that this is the right way to lead. All we need to do is think before we react recklessly.

Ever heard of the good ol’ saying “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Well, same case scenario here. I know many of you are wondering what is this lady’s problem, is she even black? Well I’m here to tell you that, yes, I am black 100% baby and here’s my problem.

White people aren’t the only ones racist in this world. We all are to a certain extent, at some point in time. But that’s another story. I’m angry, furious and highly upset because not only is it difficult being black in America, it’s difficult being a black woman in America. I hate seeing these horrific tragedies just as much as my fellow black people. We need a representative for us. I agree.

I don’t understand why we have so much hate for each other. The police, whites and/or whoever else that’s on the outside looking in, are like ‘Wow, they don’t give a crap about each other, why should we?”

We are all given the same opportunity to become someone in this life. If we chose to do nothing with the tools that we are provided. it ‘s on us as an individual not the white man or the next man. I hate that we have to show up and show out just to make or prove our point, but unfortunately black people this is the hand that we have been dealt and we have to go the extra mile most of the time. We have to put in 50 times more work because the odds are already against us before we even enter this world. Sadly, as that may be, we have to pave a better path for ourselves. A path that does not lead us into destruction.

Let them hear us and together we can make it. We need to be kinder to one another, all walks of life. Once we all can reach an agreement to just survive, prosper and live, maybe we won’t cease to exist. Let’s not give anyone any more reasons to doubt us. Together we can ALL matter. That’s UNITY!

Synithia Raymond of Batavia, a mother of three children, works in the retail industry.

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