With all the recent bad mouthing of law enforcement; I thought your readers might benefit from a slightly different perspective.

As with any profession, there are a certain percentage of “problematic people.” There are hopeless cases who make it into education, politics, and every other line of work.

But to conclude that a majority of those in law enforcement behave inappropriately because a relative handful do is baloney.

I know plenty of people in the profession and all are dedicated, serious, even handed, ethical and professional.

Critics of the police might do well to remember that those whom they are called to deal with are very often troubled souls.

Some are just plain nasty people who never got a handle on the difference between right and wrong.

Then there are those suffering from mental illness. Many of those the police deal with have serious mental issues.

Not long ago, members of the Batavia Police Department handled a delicate, potentially volatile, situation in a manner that did not make the news. The tact with which they gently managed a troubled resident was a tribute to their training, self-restraint, and counseling ability. In short, it reflected very well on them.

My guess is that 99% of the time things go as they did on this occasion. What we tend to hear about are the rare cases when they do not.

Gary F. Kent


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