To the editor:

I would like to comment on the letter “Dwyer announcers are way too loud” (June 23).

Mr. Weyer is half right on his assessment of the announcers. One of them is too loud, but it is not the one who does “double duty crooning the national anthem.”

Full disclosure, the main stadium announcer is a longtime friend of mine and when I bought my season tickets, I recommended him to the office personnel manning the box office that day. I made this recommendation based not on our friendship, but on his ability as shown by his previous work at Muckdogs games as well as at Batavia High School football games at Van Detta Stadium. Those office workers told me they had heard the same thing from several preseason buyers and he was being considered for the job.

The other young man who does the games out in the stands and on the field is probably more the cause of Mr. Weyer’s complaint. He is way too loud and he could stand some coaching. For openers, in his quest to sound enthusiastic, he shouts at the top of his lungs and he holds the microphone right up to his mouth. This produces an incredible amount of distortion and makes his words totally unintelligible and downright annoying. Even I plug my ears and I am deaf in my right ear.

I am surprised that Mr. Weyer did not point out another annoyance at the ballpark. Why don’t they open the gates on the first and third base sides when the game is over so fans can get out without crowding the front gate? When the Rochester Red Wings ran the club, those gates were open by the middle of the seventh inning.

Larry Conway


P.S. I think the main announcer has a great singing voice and I wish I could do as well. Alas, as I mentioned in a letter about the Muckdogs a few years ago, they don’t make bushel baskets big enough for me.

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