Thank you to the Barre town board for listening to feedback from ALL residents and passing an update to the wind ordinance. You have worked diligently for almost a year to ensure that the wind ordinance allows for responsible wind energy development and protects residents.

At a certain point, talking about the same things over and over again does not actually make progress or better the draft wind ordinance. It is beating a dead horse. The town board’s decision was not premature. It came after a year of deliberation and research. It came time to make a decision based on all of the information that was presented to them. There is no benefit to dragging out the process even longer.

After Mrs. Richardson chose to leave, the town board had every right to continue their work and make a decision. The board consists of five members, not one. The other four members decided they wanted to stay and finish out what they had been working on for so long. Each board member has an equally weighted vote. They all have the chance for their voice to be heard through a vote. And, like we have seen on all different issues in government, Mrs. Richardson was outvoted. This should not be a point of controversy. This is simply democracy at work.

Again, thank you to the Barre town board. I feel like ALL voices were heard and you are working hard to make sure our little town becomes a better place.

Alice Mathes


EDITOR’S NOTE: On Feb. 10 the Town of Barre Board approved a revision to the town’s wind ordinance that changed the maximum allowable height for a wind turbine from 500 feet to 700 feet. Town Board member Kerri Richardson had asked for the meeting to be adjourned about 10:15 p.m. The other board members did not agree and the meeting continued. Richardson later left before the vote was taken.

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