Fellow community Members,

During these trying and uncertain times, the Batavia Youth Baseball’s Board of Directors, Coaches and Players have been patiently waiting for the go-ahead to begin our season. We are very excited that the time has arrived and we look forward to getting back to the game that we love.

The Board has done their best in navigating the many restrictions and rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the necessary changes to our operations to maintain social distancing and helping to ensure the safety of our players. While we believe that we have the proper plan of action in place, it cannot be achieved to its fullest without the support of our community.

The Board would like to share a few of our guidelines for the upcoming season.

All individuals should measure their body temperature to ensure that no fever is present prior to participating or attending each League activity. Anyone with symptoms of fever, cough, or worsening respiratory symptoms, or any known exposure to a person with COVID-19 should not attend any League activity until cleared by a medical professional.

Any individual, including players, at risk for severe illness or with serious underlying medical or respiratory condition should only attend League activities with permission from a medical professional.

It is strongly recommended that players travel to the field with a member(s) of their immediate household when possible. Sharing rides is highly discouraged unless absolutely necessary.

Players, Coaches, Volunteers, and families should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of a game to allow for proper sanitation of the facility and to aid in greater social distancing.

Social distancing is required for the entire complex, and the wearing of face covering is highly recommended when social distancing cannot be accomplished.

The concession stand will NOT be in operation for this season. Players should plan accordingly to bring their own drinks to ensure proper hydration.:

Spectators must maintain Social distancing when possible.

Spectators shall have no access to the field, batting cages or player areas.

There is a limit of two spectators per player. In order for our season to continue, it is crucial that we follow the instructions set forth by the New York State Department of Health and the City of Batavia in maintaining this 2 spectator per participant standard. To assist in this endeavor, paper wristbands will be issued to each player prior to the start of the game. These wristbands should be worn by spectators for that particular player.

Spectators shall cover mouth and nose when around others and social distancing is not possible.

The Batavia Youth Baseball Board of Directors would like to thank you all in advance for your continued support of Batavia Youth Baseball, it’s players, coaches and volunteers. Thank you so much for your help in this matter, we look forward to a great season.

Play Ball!

Batavia Youth Baseball Board of Directors

Submitted by Dan Utter, president of Batavia Minor League Youth Baseball

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