Regarding Mr. Colby’s letter to the editor “Solar Farming is Like a Long-Term Crop” (Aug. 22), I would offer the following response. Clearly, he does not understand or care about the concerns of many in Byron who do not want 1,500 to 2,000 acres of prime farmland turned into solar panels, batteries, fences, wires, and roads. Most of us are supportive of renewable energy but not in places where it blocks our views, uses our farmland, or depreciates the value of our homes.

There is no similarity between corn and solar panels other than they both generate money. Yes, it’s all about money and lots of it to those who have leased land for the solar project.

While a handful of landowners, some not even living in Byron, become wealthy, the rest of us will live within an industrial solar farm, many of us for the rest of our lives. Several will have solar panels on two or three sides, only 300 feet from their homes.

NY Article 10 allows all local zoning laws to be bypassed by the state. Byron residents and the town have little input into the process. This project will forever change the rural character of Byron with little or no direct benefit to many of us.

I am sure that if Mr. Colby were told that he was going to have solar panels placed in his front lawn at his home in Pittsford, he would very quickly change his perspective.

Jim Lamkin


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