With Earth Day near, sustainability is top-of-mind. As a farmer, I am proud that I provide both high-quality beef for consumers today, and maintain the land to provide a better future for generations to come.

At SK Herefords, my family and our partners use a variety of sustainability practices, including the implementation of grazing management plans, to increase soil health and promote the growth of native forages. We also create buffer zones around waterways to protect Lake Ontario, employ no-till farming to prevent soil erosion and create pollinator habitats to promote ecosystem diversity. Some of the land that we farm is not suitable for food crops and would be uninhabited, but we are able to use it to graze cattle, which creates a source of protein. In addition, we collect data on the performance of all our cattle, allowing us to utilize and sustain our land with the most efficient and healthy cattle possible.

This type of ingenuity and resourcefulness is practiced by farmers and ranchers all over the country.

I’m committed to continuous improvement so that we can produce the beef consumers know and love, while preserving our natural resources. It’s a practice that will allow us to continue living off this land, generation after generation.

Zack Welker


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