Wait: American society is re-opening,if only in phases. We’ll take it!

Books are a solace, especially in times of fear and uncertainty. TV is entertainment. Movies are semi-comfort,dependent upon the subject,or even the actors, appearing in them.

Live theatre is a transaction between living, breathing people, and it is satisfying so far and to what extent the three walls of the stage can penetrate the fourth wall, we ,the audience. Music is repeatable, but fleeting.

So, three cheers for the public-library, specifically Richmond Memorial in Batavia, which has recently re-opened ,if only for browsing and check-outs and computer use. Surely though, it provides four of the five aspects of culture, excepting live theatre, that were sorely lost in three months of closings, due to the virus pandemic. If only we could figure out a way that the library could continue circulation, limited maybe, in periods of time in the future when we may face “lockdowns”, ”shelters-in-place” and quarantines!

Incidentally,look at the line on your next Batavia city school district tax-bill for the tax-rate for the Richmond Library (which is a division of the school district). Certainly, in my estimation, worth every last cent of the tax assessment!

The baseball fields at the little league park abandoned, as if the kids have lost interest in the sport. Car traffic, intermittent and manageable, as if we have no place to go. Eerie and silent in its impact, the COVID-19 virus has given meaning to “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide”, and particularly, nowhere to go. But again, Richmond Library is open. Yea!

Donald Weyer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1