EDITOR’S NOTE: Batavia resident Judith DeLuca shares with The Daily News a letter that she has submitted to Batavia’s City Council in regards to a proposed disc golf course in Centennial Park:

Dear Council Member,

As a citizen of Batavia, I respectfully ask that you consider the following: Centennial Park is an open-use, unique green space in our city. It has been proposed that a 9-hole disc golf course be permanently installed which would occupy two-thirds of the entire park area.

The park is now, and has been a tranquil space that is available to all the community for walking, visiting with friends, exercise, children’s play, running, picnicking, yoga, meditation, reading, and other outdoor activities not requiring permanent placement of equipment.

This permanent equipment installation and specific dedication of use for most of the park would not only negatively impact the residential neighborhood in many ways, but it would also impact the general community as it restricts individual freedom of choice for the use of the park. It would also greatly diminish areas of safe use, free from flying discs while the course is in use.

Centennial Park’s green, open-use space is unique, but disc golf is not. The permanent installation needed for this activity could, and should be placed in another area more suitable to this specific activity. A better choice for this equipment installation would be an area fully dedicated to disc golf in a non-residential area away from traffic.

I ask the members of the council to consider the beauty, tranquility, and variety of uses that all members of the community are now free to enjoy in Centennial Park and look to other spaces for this permanent golf installation.

Judith DeLuca


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