Another case of kicking the can down the road.

We have to hire a new city manager and our City Council president says staff is looking into the issue and studying it. What is there to study? We really have only two choices.

1.) We have an assistant city manager, Rachel Tabelski. Just give her the job. That’s why we have an assistant, isn’t?

2.) Have the company that was hired to search for a manager the last time do it again. It would cost the city nothing.

But using the company again will take months. Businesses and taxpayers need to know who is in charge. There is no reason to “study” what to do when you have only two real choices.

We have nine Council members and we expect they should be able to make a decision. They knew the pervious manager might be leaving and should have had the replacement issue already resolved for the last meeting they had.

Council – make a decision, it’s not that hard.

John Roach


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