I took these pictures today, Sunday, April 11, and it looks worse in person. I had my 10 year old and 3 year old with me as we took a refreshing rainy day walk around our town. After lunch at a local restaurant, we decided to walk home by the way of Austin Park. To our shock, the park was garbage filled.

Who would do such a thing? And how did it happen if the area is under surveillance and in our police departments backyard?

It’s bad enough that there isn’t much for our youth to do in the area due to COVID and just not having an abundance of youth programs, and now to have our beautiful city centered park trashed is simply heartwrenching.

Thank you,

Dawn Riedel


EDITOR’S NOTE: On Monday afternoon, the City of Batavia announced that it has implemented a “Carry-in - Carry-out” trash policy at all city parks. All park users are requested to remove any trash generated and take with them, the city said.

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