I am writing about President Trump’s use of the U.S. Postal Service as a tool for large-scale voter suppression.

I would like to know what our Congressman will do. I have not seen him denounce this, which makes him complicit in this.

Where is the communication to his constituents on this issue, which is particularly vital to us as residents of a rural area?

We are especially injured by delayed delivery of prescriptions, and late receipt of bills and checks. We’ve heard nothing, seen nothing posted, or heard no Town Halls scheduled.

Our Congressman needs to tell us clearly what he is going to do what about Trump’s stated voter suppression efforts.

I urge him to hold a long-overdue Town Hall and invite the public.

Without such a public statement, the voters can only assume that he continues to condone it.

This is a significant issue around which the voters in this largely rural district will coalesce,

We will remember on November 3.

Nancy Sellar

Silver Lake

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