COVID regulations have taken away reasons for bars, restaurants to exist

Ben Beagle/Daily News The owners of L.B. Grand in Le Roy announced Monday that the restaurant had permanently closed. The letter to customers taped to the entrance cited several COVID-related causes.

This sad situation in Le Roy is just an example of where we as a state are headed. The pandemic is here, we have no choice but to ride it out the best we can. However ...

There has been an effort to over protect us, over regulate us, and drive through some agendas under the cloak of the pandemic. Albany (Cuomo) just picks up a pen, proclaims an executive order (just like King George did), and puff, it is law. No over sight, or rhyme or reason in many cases. Sometimes, one shoe does not fit all.

After stopping at many different bars and restaurants this summer I found out one thing. There are not two that do the same thing. We stop all the time after golf and try to spread the wealth. This proclamation that we have to eat to get a beer really hurts the bar and restaurant business. Some now offer $1 sandwiches.

One place has no bar stools at the bar but they shoved two dinner tables up to the bar and have five seats at each. One bar here has no stools or seating at the bar at all. One other in Batavia has no restriction at the bar at all. Some distancing at the tables, and no standing at the bar. But certainly no spacing with the bar stools. Another here in Batavia has no bar at all, just patio seating. One bar had stools spaced about four feet and no spacing at all with the tables. My point is no one does the same thing.

I suggest that more than LB Grande are feeling the pinch.

I know many many people that do not stop anymore because they do not want to be forced to order food when they merely want a cold beer after work.

Bars and restaurants by design are social hubs. Always were. To take that away, takes away the reason for existence.

Went to Denny’s yesterday for breakfast. Looked deserted when entering. The tables are stripped of everything. Booths taped off with chair restricting entry. Looked awful and barren. Looked cold and empty. A product of the times I suppose.

I just would like to see a salt and pepper shaker on the table with napkins, and silverware thats all. I don’t think COVID is spread by salt shakers. Heck we have a 1% positive test rating as it is. That means 99% are fine.

Batavia Downs can offer no coffee or water because we have to raise our masks for a second to drink it. Give me a break.

Frederick Gundell


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