Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back out into the atmosphere, which in return helps the environment “breathe.” That is what science class taught us. So, cutting down trees, acres of trees to install solar arrays for “green energy,” where solar panel arrays don’t release oxygen back into the atmosphere and are made in China and use lots of pollutants to make, like carbons, oil, gas, etc. Companies making solar panels release pollution into the air and the environment cannot breathe. How can it make sense to cut down trees in order to put in solar panel arrays?

Am I missing something? It sounds like a backward and backhanded way to stop “climate change,” when Mother Nature takes care of it just fine without human intervention. Save the planet by saving the healthy trees, and cutting down the dead trees that cause forest fires. And solar panels don’t help the environment, they ruin it. Same thing with wind turbines, how they are made, in China, cause more pollution than if wind turbines and solar panels were never invented. These things are dangerous, like most things that are not naturally made.

Who truly benefits from solar energy and wind turbine energy? China it seems to me. Use water for energy instead. For generations, Niagara Falls has provided hydro-power.

To save the planet, plant more trees and let nature survive. Nature’s has survived fine without human intervention. Climate changes daily, but solar panel arrays will cause a crisis.

Judy Radley

Le Roy

Johnson Newspapers 7.1