How to compose a committee to select a new city manager for Batavia:

1. Appoint a city department head who knows best how to design and install a black-top patch for one of Batavia’s widely deteriorating and pot-holed city streets.

2. Appoint a city personnel “expert,” who must have failed miserably in their last attempt to select a city manager, as that manager left after less than a year on the job. I guess this personnel individual represents “the adult in the room.”

3. Appoint 2 partisan city councilmembers in a city, Batavia, which may be the most politically partisan, and long-suffering victim, of one-party rule, than any other in N.Y. State, if not the entire U.S.A. Incidentally, the two are of the same political party. Really!

4. Appoint no members of the general public to the committee, you know, the citizens who will eventually ply their daily lives under the reign of the new city manager. Even the Batavia Board of Education, no great progressive or eqalitarian body, includes stakeholders subject to its rule, the students themselves, children and youth at that, on their committees examining education leadership and policy.

Surprise me, Batavia committee, and select someone other than the current acting city manager. That way, even if your selection doesn’t pan out, you at least don’t have to reveal what deals the acting manager made with your committee in order for her to be your foregone conclusion as new city manager!

Donald Weyer


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