President Biden says that Georgia is “ground zero” in the fight against the Republican war on voting rights. He claims that our democracy is at stake if Democrats don’t get their over-reaching voter bills passed in the senate.

According to ABC news it seems the biggest Democrat gripe is that in Georgia, candidates can’t hand out food, water, or anything else at the polling places. The board of elections can hand out whatever they want, but candidates can’t. It’s called electioneering.

All 50 states including Democrat controlled New York have laws prohibiting electioneering. In Georgia electioneering is prohibited within 150 feet of the polling place. Candidates can hand out whatever they want, as long as they are 150 feet from the poll.

Democrats are calling Georgia a Jim Crow state because of their voting laws. There are many laws in NYS that are the same as Georgia’s, so why isn’t N.Y. called a Jim Crow state? I’ll tell you why, Democrat hypocrisy.

Democrats should stop ignoring the real problem, which is, it takes too long to vote in some places. I have no problem with shoveling federal money at more voting machines or whatever it takes, for districts where voters have long waits. But I don’t think a federal takeover of election laws is going to improve anything for any voter.

I also refuse to believe that our constitutional republic will cease to exist if Democrats can’t buy voters at polling places. This Democrat crusade is nothing but political schtick.

Ronald Heppner


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