Hey, public address announcers at Batavia Muckdogs’ games from Dwyer Stadium in the 2021 season: Isn’t your amplification a little over-the-top, enough to “wake the dead,”scare the dickens out of neighborhood pets or merely to keep the fans focused on the game-at-hand?

What, you feel you have to compete with the after-the-game fireworks? Come on, men, do you ever listen to what you sound like? And then turn up the volume times 50! If you aspire to be a rock star, find yourselves a band and an arena! If you haven’t heard what you sound like, I suggest that you do. Or at least, grow up!

And what about your content? Approaching the puerile slant, from what I remember at third-grade recess, and the foolishness we expect from the “dish” that we will encounter at a city playground! And spare us the double-duty crooning of the national-anthem, give the younger generation an opportunity to “step up to the plate”, so to speak in your sport’s jargon, and “show us their chops.” For I fear that, in the next iteration of a Muckdogs’ home game, I’ll hear you “calling balls and strikes” from behind home-plate, or shouting out “cold beer, here,” as you make your peregrinations through the crowd in the grandstand.

Here I thought that watching a baseball-game would be peaceful and calming. I didn’t say “quiet,” but experiencing the “national pastime” at Dwyer Stadium this season has been anything but!

Donald Weyer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1