Ellicott Trail provides a pathway to magnificent world around us

Jim Sutton/Special to The Daily News People fish in DeWitt Park, one of the locations linked by the recently dedicated Ellicott Trail, a 4.6-mile multi-use trail that runs through parts of the town and city — between Pearl Street and Seven Springs Road — with both on- and off-road portions.

In the 1880s, before he went out to walk along the Niagara Escarpment, Lockport minister Maltbie Babcock would announce to his wife that he was, “going out to see the Father’s world.” He was inspired by his observations to write a poem titled “This is My Father’s World”, which was put to music after his death in 1901 and has become a popular hymn.

I don’t pretend that Batavia is as magnificent as the escarpment, but the Ellicott Trail, snaking its way through the city, has allowed my family to enjoy the beautiful world around us. From the path behind Williams Park, through the solemnity of the Batavia Cemetary, around DeWitt Park and the picturesque lake (beautiful in the early morning), down the former train line including the new trestle bridge leading up to Seven Springs Road, it is all wonderfully planned, designed, and constructed route through “the Father’s world.”

I should note that Blondie’s is a welcome oasis on the walks on hot nights. My wife and I recommend the banana split.

Thank you to everyone who is responsible for the Ellicott Trail. It’s great to walk and bike on at any time of the day.

I take the final rule seriously that is on the signs at the various entrances to the path: “Enjoy!”

The path has allowed me during this pandemic to agree with Reverend Bobcock, “Why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! God reigns; let the earth be glad!”

Paul Meloon


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