Black lives matter they scream and cry.

No that statement is not true, all human life is precious and a gift from God.

The Rev. Martin Luther King’s most famous speech spoke about his dream of the day when all men and women would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The Black lives matter (BLM) movement is racist and peopled by useful idiots who seek to overthrow the status quo, which is our constitutional republic.

Before BLM there was the group known as Occupy Wall Street, another left wing anarchist movement.

And now in our hyper political correctness era, we are demanded by BLM to defund the police and take a knee! I will bow the knee before no man or any cause other than in submission to the Lord God Almighty and to Jesus Christ His only Begotten Son.

If republican cowards like Mitt Romney can’t stand up for law and order, then it seems it just may be time to form civilian militias and police our own streets and neighborhoods. And by the way, why are we paying taxes for such failed governments?

If the demonstrators and protestors wanted justice, they would call for the resignation of the various mayors and police chiefs responsible for the lack of accountability within their respective cities.

But that won’t happen because those incompetent authorities are all left wing Democrats and most people of color.

Over a half century of one party democrat rule in our cities, has brought chaos to their streets.

At least the riots and looting ended all the media hype over the Corona virus and executive orders to shelter in place.

Lets review, you can’t go to church, attend a funeral or a wedding, or open your business back up; But it is OK and even healthy according to some of those on the left, to demonstrate in mass gatherings in the name of George Floyd.

The only reason why evil triumphs is the lack of good people resisting it.

BLM what a bunch of mindless followers, we have allowed our children to become such undiscerning fools.

Harold Hopkins


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