March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month March is also home to “March Madness”. This year one thing that March and its madness desmonstarted was that there are too many people suffering to control their gambling habit. But, there is help.

The Western NY PGRC (Problem Gambling Resource Center) is a local resource raising awareness of problem gambling and connecting families and individuals negatively impacted by problem gambling to the services and treatment they desperately need.

People have been spending more time than ever in their homes and connected to the internet. This has led to an increase in people reaching out for help. We are proud to be here, helping Western New York and Wyoming County residents find a path to recovery.

But we need your help, if everyone reading this simply tells one other person (remember, you can’t “spot” a person with a gambling problem) that there is help for those struggling with gambling problem, local, confidential and free help, the information might just make it to those who don’t know where to turn. WNY is know for caring helpful neighbors, now is your chance to help change a life. Thank you!

Jeffrey Wierzbicki

Western Team Leader

Western PGRC

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