A long hot summer, this summer has been longer than any summer I can remember and hotter than any in history. Well maybe I had one longer the summer before I left for college. We had finished up hay early in 1964 I was leaving home for the first time leaving my parents and 8 sibs behind. I owned a 1957 Chevy and was ready to conquer the world, but that last month on the farm seemed to just drag on.

Well, this summer with the COVID-19 our summer is going slower than that even as I get older and time seems to slip by. This summer has been the pits. Not a county fair, tractor pull or rodeo – and believe me there is no one to blame.

But we should have all learned a valuable lesson to live every day to the fullest, and thank God we are healthy and well – and that we should not take any day for granted.

I found that sitting in our garden with a salt shaker and red ripe tomatoes is so relaxing.

Give yourself time to think about life. I was always in a hurry. I felt if I wasn’t hurrying. I wasn’t getting everything done, but after this summer if I sit in our garden and eat tomatoes for an hour the sun was still going to rise and fall and I was not changing what had to be done on the farm.

Sometimes we need to step back and re-evaluate what the most important things in our lives are and focus on them.

My focus now is what Granpa always preached to me if a problem can be fixed with money it is not a problem, but a hurdle. If the problem can’t be fixed with money, than it is a problem and you better start praying.

Thanx For Readen,

Paul Trowbridge


P.S. Start everyday with a kind word and a hug.

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