Congress was in session to fulfill its constitutional mandated responsibility on Jan. 6 while fanatic supporters of Donald Trump were using an American Flag to pummel Capitol police. As a combat veteran, I am beyond appalled at this insurrection. Mitch McConnell, as Senate minority leader, told his members to vote their conscience in the second impeachment of Mr. Trump. Mitch McConnell, then voted his conscience to acquit Mr. Trump, but then made a public statement saying that Mr. Trump was guilty both “practically and morally” and was responsible for the events of Jan 6. This tells me that Mr. McConnell lacks the human decency of his conscience. Others have said that Mr. McConnell lacks courage, I disagree. Courage is what soldiers face on the battlefields or what the Capitol police faced that day against angry Trump fanatics and supporters. Mr. McConnell and the Republicans couldn’t stand with law and order, or the Constitution, against the leader of their party and, by their own statements, the leader of the insurrection. (The German word for leader or guide is fuehrer). The vote by Republicans to support Mr. Trump was a vote to support the racist, xenophobic and corrupt policies of der fuehrer. By their vote, Republicans have abdicated their responsibilities to their oath and to the Constitution and pledged their allegiance to der Fuehrer, Donald Trump.

William Fine


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