Ready, set, recruit! Let’s have us a free-for-all in high-school sports,shortly. The governor has given permission to play basketball, football, baseball, in that order. They are traditionally considered “major” sports at this level.

Who gets who? Who chooses to play this sport over that other one? Your good athletes are at the point of some serious choices. Your coaches are similarly at the point of career-making, or career-breaking. I flinch at the choices these coaches have to make, who to recruit,and who to give up, for their respective sports. The high-school kids will choose the sport they love most. The coaches, more circumspect and career-minded, risk making enemies, or at least rivals, of other coaches that they win out over the talents of a limited supply of athletes.

Or an even more harrowing scenario: since at least basketball and football seasons will only be 30 days in duration, one after the other, and then baseball immediately following football, maybe a lot of the kids will make the easy choice to play all three, or at least two of the three. Raises the question of when these athletes will have time to devote to their academic subjects in school. One thing is certain: the athletic directors and coaches will be earning their salaries administering the 2021 sports season!

Donald Weyer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1