Dear Editor

In order to protect ourselves and elders from the COVID virus, we isolated at the beginning of the pandemic. Many in nursing homes died from complications of the virus. Patients could not leave their rooms and family and friends could not visit for months.

We protected their physical body but deprived them of the human contact of family and friends that they needed to thrive.

Relationships bring joy, love, and sometimes a reason for living to an elder.

I wonder how many died of loneliness.

People of all ages suffered in some way, whether from separation from extended family and friends, depression, and loneliness. The increase of alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide reveals the effect of lockdown.

Premature babies have more chance of survival if they can be caressed and talked to and now many are able to be held. Human contact and love are vital to survival.

To quote from an article, “life is empty without faith and desperately lonely without love. Life, even death, is manageable, even joyous, with faith in God and the love of family and friends. “

Let us never endure a lockdown again and separate ourselves from one another.


Linda Hyland


Johnson Newspapers 7.1