Congressman Chris Jacobs, in letters to constituents, stated his opposition to H.R. 1 was partially due to it not helping restore faith in fair elections. “Unfortunately, this legislation would not improve elections or help restore public trust in the election process,” Mr. Jacobs wrote. If Mr. Jacobs was interested in restoring trust in our elections, he would admit his part in creating that mistrust. On Jan.6 Mr. Jacobs objected to certifying Joe Biden’s election because he objected to a different state certifying their election. Playing to the mythology, (the big lie), that the election was fraudulent. Even former President Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell, recently stated in court that: “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements [made about election fraud] were truly statements of fact.” It is a politically-motivated lies, by Mr. Jacobs, that another state’s election was fraudulent that creates mistrust. It is politically-motivated lies over prolong time that has created mistrust in elections and government.

It’s interesting to note that in other objections to H.R. 1 by Mr. Jacobs, such as causing delays in voting, limit voter verification, or violate First Amendment rights have all been declared either misleading or false by fact checking organizations like FactCheck, PolitiFact and Newsweek Fact Checkers. The Buffalo News, in its Jan. 7 editorial, wrote: “So, in addition to being chicken-hearted, Jacobs is also a liar.” It is painfully obvious that Mr. Jacobs is not being honest with his constituents and he is not representing his district. He is instead using politically-motivated lies to destroy faith in government.

William Fine


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