In his recent letter, “27th District residents deserve better (March 10),” William Fine opines that he is upset because our Republican Congressman, Chris Jacobs doesn’t vote for partisan Democrat legislation in Washington.

I really don’t understand his logic.

Chris Jacobs represents a majority Conservative Republican district. Why on earth would he throw the Conservative Republicans who elected him under the bus and vote like a Democrat?

If Democrats don’t like their congressional representation, they have no one but themselves to blame. They were the ones that ran a gun-hating, radical, progressive, liberal Democrat in a Conservative Republican district, three times. Nate McMurray couldn’t beat an indicted insider trader in 2018 and in the 2020 general election, Jacobs trounced McMurray by 20 points (15 points is a landslide).

If the shoes were on the other feet and a Democrat were elected, would Mr. Fine expect the Democrat to vote like a Republican?

Of course not. I don’t think Mr. Fine has ever had anything positive to say about any Republican.

I get it, he has no use for Republicans and all Democrats, including our serial sexual predator of a governor are perfect.

Oh yeah, and so the progressive, liberal, Democrat legislation that Mr. Fine was so concerned about was passed on partisan lines. I am sorry that he is so disappointed.

Ronald Heppner


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