Another plan proposed and another plan rejected. As the baseball owners and players fight back and forth it is obvious that neither side — despite their words — are at all interested in the fans. As over 190 major and minor league stadiums sit empty, the only noise that’s being heard is the owners of billion dollar companies fighting with their employees.

This is not a case of billionaires versus millionaires, but owners versus employees. The coronavirus or the health of players or fans did not end the 2020 baseball season — it’s money.

By this time last year I had been to a half dozen Bisons games, a few Red Wings games, a couple of Blue Jays games, and our beloved Batavia Muckdogs season would have just started. Baseball is making most fans realize how selfish the owners and players are. What we want to see is The Game. God’s game — it’s mentioned in Genesis 1:1 “In the big inning...” after all.

Meanwhile, I am finding other things to do with my time and who knows if I’ll return to the stadiums when — or if — baseball comes back or if I could cross the border to see the Blue Jays.

The owners and players need to remember what happened to the Montreal Expos after the last work stoppage. The fans never came back. This could happen on a much larger scale whenever the games start up.

As I see it, today’s box score is COVID-19 and Baseball-0.

Paul Meloon


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