Not only Trump’s words, disrespecting Sen. John McCain’s service, the Generals, the Gold Star mother, who he passed off saying “that’s what he signed up for,” reportedly, and unfortunately believeably, the WWII soldiers buried in France, but his actions show disrespect for soldiers and veterans:

Ordering up soldiers, taking them away from their families and jobs and disrupting their families’ holidays to meet a caravan of mainly refugee women and children, fleeing from oppressive Central and South American countries.

Advising those in charge to cut their soldiers’ service at 89 days or less, so they wouldn’t receive benefits.

Ordering an air mission from the dinner table without benefit of military advice or presence, and the highly trained pilot shot down and killed.

Consulting with cronies about taking over very lucrative Veteran medical care, rather than discussing with legitimate advisory committee. As we learned from American Legion Magazine report on the George W. Bush administration’s move to close Veterans’ Hospitals, that results in experienced doctors and staff finding other jobs and disrupting Veterans’ service, not a problem for Mr. Trump.

Allowing gov’t to shut down and laying off gov’t employees. Guess who constitutes much of gov’t workforce? Veterans. Didn’t consider those implications.

Reducing many federal employee protections, including 245-year-old US Postal Service and eliminating any overtime, again affecting many Veteran workers.

VA findings of “personality disorder,” rather than mental illness, which diminishes/eliminates Veterans’ care, even for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veteran homelessness – not a new problem, but there are proven, more humane and cost-efficient ways of caring for mentall-ill veterans, but Mr. Trump and his administration don’t seem to care enough.

Republican Congress and W. Bush Adminstration changing work-rules on overtime, in favor of business savings vs. Veterans.

Avoiding his duty as a citizen of this country and sending other sons to Vietnam in his place with 4? questionable “bone spur” deferrments.

Let’s hope we can elect people that respect the military and their sacrifices.

Bob Golden


Johnson Newspapers 7.1