I have so much to say and really don’t know where to start, but since politics is such a hot topic, I will start there.

Our do-nothing Democrats wasted precious time and money on a phony impeachment process while Nancy Pelosi has thousands of people living on the streets, defecating on people’s lawns. It is called skid row, but do you think she cares or is doing anything to improve conditions? Then we come to Chuck Schumer, who, when he gives a speech, is reading from a prepared statement written by none other than Nancy Pelosi. When he is on his own, he sounds like a third-grader. How could a supposedly educated senator threaten two Supreme Court justices on national TV and nothing happens to him unless that half-hearted apology he gave that he was pressured to do counts. He should stick to bills on farming, cemeteries and land erosion on the Great Lakes, but don’t forget, he has Kirsten Gillibrand helping on that last one. You probably feel better already, right? After watching that wonderful and compelling State of the Union speech, I am appalled at every Democrat who acted disrespectful toward our commmander-in-chief. What if they lived in North Korea? Let that sink in.

I’m going to need a whole, new paragraph dedicated to our illustrious Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I wonder if he had any input from law enforcement or the justice system when he signed the “no cash bail” bill. What a joke and he says people can leave if they don’t share the New York state values. I guess his values are the only ones that count. Oh yeah, and we believe you when you never knew about what your two criminal sidekicks were up to under your watch (Silver and Skelos). How about this new abortion bill? Killing babies up until the ninth month and I really can’t believe this caveman mentality of his men and women cheering in the streets because they support him. I don’t get it, but I guess I am too pro-life. This is a good one — legalizing marijuana in New York state. I’m retired from the New York state correctional system after serving 32 years and the last 11 at an alcohol and substance abuse facility. I probably spoke to or interviewed close to a thousand inmates in those 11 years and everyone — let me repeat that, everyone — told me that their addiction started with marijuana. Now, the governor wants to make it legal and who knows when that bus will crash. You called the young adults going to spring break during this pandemic unintelligent and reckless, now look in the mirror and tell me who is unintelligent and reckless. One last thing — you got a $71,000 a year raise, for what?

This next paragraph might rub some people the wrong way, but hear me out and you decide. I’m going back about 60 years and attended Catholic Mass at the direction of my parents. When I was around priests at that early age, I had an uncomfortable and awkward feeling and after all these years, by golly, I was right. I refuse to attend now and donate my $25 a week, wherever that might go. I give blood and only blood to the Red Cross because donations seem to go to the wrong places. My wife and I write a check to Crossroads House twice a year and never walk past a red kettle without donating. I have another story about the Salvation Army that I will share in the future.

Referring to the editorial by Harold Hopkins of Varysburg, very good job. One correction, though when someone is sentenced to death, it takes about 20-plus years for the process to play out.

Now, I have a few tidbits, but I am sure they are not fact. My feelings about low fat, no fat, gluten-free and organic is all a big ruse and someday we will all see it. For all the Batavia southsiders, remember wading and ice skating in the Kibbe Park pool. Someone thought it was unsanitary and so was drinking from a hose. I probably drank from a hose a million times, but you have to let it run so it gets cold. I feel good writing this because there is absolutely nothing on the TV.

In closing, when you see a man in his 70s walking down the street or in the store wearing a Vietnam hat, smile at him, thank him for his service and remember, he is not the same person he was before he went to Vietnam.

John Marabella


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