I’m writing to voice my support for Nate McMurray, who is running for US Congress in the June 23 Special Election for our district. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nate and having several conversations with him. When I was speaking with him I really felt as though he was listening and concerned, and willing to hear my ideas. He was genuine, sincere, and consistent. I’m convinced that he really understands the meaning of public service and seeks to serve this district. It’s not a vanity project, or a party establishment scheme to get more “yes men” in Congress, as is the case with his opponent.

I am impressed that Nate has good policies that are tailored around the needs of Western New York, and that he’s not afraid to put them out there front and center. Just take a look at his website www.votemcmurray.com

His opponents – formerly self-admitted criminal Chris Collins, and now out-of-touch millionaire Chris Jacobs – have focused on untrue and misleading attacks and fear mongering rather than to actually take a stand on any sort of issue that affects the people of NY-27.

Nate supports the morally-imperative position that healthcare is a right and not a privilege and that no one in the richest country on Earth should suffer because they can’t get help when they’re sick or hurt. He has specific plans to partner with our many excellent local colleges and universities to build up the region’s economy. He supports public education at all levels with no caveats. He eagerly hopes to rebuild our infrastructure, including modernizing our high-speed broadband networks. He has specific plans to support local agriculture and small farms. He’s not beholden to any national political party because almost all of his campaign contributions are from small individual donors and organizations local to our district.

When it comes to policy and character, the decision to vote for Nate McMurray is a no-brainer, no matter your political affiliation, so I hope you’ll join me in doing so on June 23rd!

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