“There will come a time when they will not endure the sound doctrine, but having itching ears, will heap up to themselves teachers according to their own lusts, and they will turn away their hearing from the truth and turn aside rather to fables.” - 2 Timothy 4, 1-8

The current coronavirus environment exemplifies a near-complete lack of faith 2020 in Almighty God worldwide. Since time began, sickness has existed and inevitably death claims, at times, human life! This is a natural consequence. Here, I must deviate to remind all that abortion is not a normal/natural destroyer of human life; rather it is a man-made intervention defying the law of God.

Believe or not: God is “It” – The Original, The Source, Immortal, Perfect!

Man is a mortal creature made by God in His image and likeness, flawed by sin – imperfect!

“Upon this rock, I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it ...” Jesus Christ, Son of God, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, speaking to His Apostles in 30-33 A.D. regarding His one, holy, Catholic (meaning Universal), Apostolic Church for all for all time!!!

Since 33 A.D. to 2020, how many offensive displays of arrogant superiority, chutzpah, if you will, that unmitigated effrontery, impudence, gall — have we witnessed? Preacher abrogating the true worship of Almighty God instituted by God Himself for a bogus creed implemented by man to satisfy the inferior whims, plaudits and platitudes that contradict or annul the Almighty’s Will. Who are and where are all these “supreme human beings” who supplant divine worship with human expediency?

May God’s eternal mercy prevail as He observes mankind currently engaged in a self-destruct mode created by “Man-Almighty” who would have us all believe it knows it all about combating plagues, viruses, etc. - but, ironically, its human solutions are mightily flawed and somewhat contradictory to plain common sense.

God still reigns supreme, despite all the non-belief and idiocy and, believe it or not, His will will be done.

Paula A. Axtell


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