The view this month is sunny and clear. I can see farther and clearer than I have been able to in way over a year.

Spring brings out the optimism in every person but more so in farmers. This year, hopefully, will be the best for everyone. But for us farmers this is the year that there will be that extra bean in every pod of soybeans, we will get an inch of rain a week for our corn crop, and when we cut hay it will be 80 degrees and a gentle breeze out of the west.

I noticed this spring every flower was a bit brighter than usual the daffodils had a great yellow hue to them the lilacs were a deeper purple and a brighter white. The apple trees are just full of blossoms and the bees are making honey earlier than years in the past. This will be the year for us to really stop and smell the roses for sure enjoy our family and friends because like we always hear but seldom pay attention to tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is to appreciate what we have not what we want. Please say thank you every day at least once to someone that helps make your life easier. We also learned everyone can be a critic, but not everyone is willing to help please.

Enjoy your family and friends this summer and say THANK YOU to someone every day

Thanx for readen

Paul Trowbridge


P.S. every day is a good day some days are better than others

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