Who ever may be listening, When is the Phase 1B starting for the vaccinations of 76 years old and others that are more prone to COVID-19?

I realize medical workers etc. are very important also, but why is it taking so long to vaccinate the medical personnel? There must be more individuals in the 1B group then those in 1A group, at this rate more of group 1B will be DEAD. Please do not say it’s The Emperor in Albany, he’s done enough by not helping nursing homes at the tune of 6 to 7 thousand dead. That excuse is not expectable. Thank you for listening.



EDITOR’S NOTE: The Phase 1B vaccination process began Monday.

On Tuesday, eligibility was expanded to also include those age 65 and older, and the immunocompromised. The total number of New Yorker’s eligible for Phase 1A and 1B is estimated at 7.1 million people.

With the state receiving 300,000 vaccines a week it is estimated that it will take 23 weeks for all Phase 1B to be vaccinated. Information changes frequently.

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