This month is the sure sign of spring on our farm mud season has arrived for sure and yesterday I took a walk-thru our woods. And right on time, the ramps are starting to bulb up wild leeks as some people call them.

As the maple trees start to leaf out so maple syrup season is finished the ramps are the next harvest before asparagus season starts and that is usually the first part of May.

My granddad loved ramp season after you dig them and clean them you can prepare them in many different ways. The whole house smells like a bulb of garlic till the season is over I would hate to be the person that lived in a household that didn’t eat ramps.

My granddad always said if you lived thru leek season you would live till the next.

Where my wife is from the Southern tier the fire department in her hometown had their biggest fund raiser of the year now and it was their ham and leek dinner. The whole town would go dig bushels of leeks on a Thursday and meet and clean them Friday and then get together on Saturday to cook the hams and all the leeks.

They served it, family-style with all the leeks you could eat the whole little town smelled like a huge garlic bulb and everybody smelled the same you sweat leeks and every other bodily function the same.

I always loved going to this function if you never had a chance to attend one you should try no other thing you have experienced will compare.

The homemade pies topped off the meal and all the coffee you could drink such a community effort that is hard to find in our crazy world today. So if you have never had ramps Google them they will show you what they look like and dig some up to have e feast and remember if you live thru this leek season you will live till the next.

Thanx For Readen.

Paul Trowbridge


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