Is it just me, or is there anyone else that remembers or recalls a summer as warm and sunny and dry, say in the past 71 years, as the summer of 2020?

I clearly remember the summer of 1988, the year that Main Street in Batavia was completely rebuilt from the bottom up, as being just about as hot as this year. I vaguely remember a summer in the period 1954-1956 to be as sunny and clear as this year. However, that may have been more because of a child’s estimation. But that’s about it!

I also note that the heat and sun started early in the summers of 1988 and 2020, early June, and continued on unabated until late in the summer, into August. I think the June start, too, is unusual for this area of New York state. I note, just now, also, that there were 30-35 years between the first two summers above, and again 30-35 years between the last two summers, if that is any help in predicting these weather phenomena.

I’m not trying to mimic the “Old Farmer’s Almanac” here, and don’t recall what type of winter followed these extreme summers, but it gets one thinking of what the winter of 2020-21 will bring. Just wondering, while trying to enjoy the sun and heat of the rest of August, maybe September, 2020. In this year of exceptional, bordering upon unprecedented, events of 2020, I think it’s certain too, that whatever does occur in the remainder of 2020, 2020 “will go down in history.”

Donald Weyer


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