According to the calendar it’s almost Mother’s Day and I’m realizing that I have been a mother for over 70 years.

I became a mom when I was 19 and it’s been the best and most fulfilling profession anyone could ever have been blessed with. Mothering sort of becomes second nature to a woman. No matter what age she might be, it seems to be born into her. Since that first time of becoming a mother I have been blessed by becoming a mother to three other precious ones.

Now don’t get me wrong, being a mother is not all peaches and cream. There are days you are so tired that you just want to quit and then there are days that keep you on a high and give you the courage you need to go on. The ups and downs, and all that is in between, has been a roller coaster ride, and I’m grateful that I had Jesus along as helper and guide. Psalm 121:2 says, “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

I’ve been thinking about one of the most famous and most special Moms who ever lived, and that was Mary the mother of Jesus; she was only a teenager at the time. Only a lowly, virgin peasant girl pledged to a man named Joseph. Thinking about her life gave me cause to give her honor on this Mother’s Day. She lived in disgrace as she was pregnant with God’s Child but couldn’t tell anyone. She had to travel 90 miles, being very pregnant and give birth to the King of Kings in a smelly stable, with only her husband Joseph and the animals present. Then shepherds came, and when they left Mary was in awe and could only ponder all this in her heart.

We don’t hear much of his mother, Mary until she travels with Jesus at the age of 12, to visit the temple, in Jerusalem. On their way home Mary and Joseph discover that Jesus is not with them. Anxiously they hurry back to Jerusalem, which takes them three days, before they find their young Son He is at the temple, listening to the teachers and asking questions. Of course, Mary is upset as that’s how a mother would feel. Luke 2:48b-49,

She scolds Jesus and says, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have anxiously been searching for you.”

Jesus, says, “Why were you searching for me? Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s House?”

We don’t know if Mary understood this, but it may have been one more thing she pondered in her heart. Nothing more of Jesus’ childhood is recorded in the Bible.

Then, the next time we hear of Mary is at the wedding feast where she ask Jesus to turn water into wine as they had run out. This is the beginning of Jesus ministry and he is now 30 years old. His ministry will last for only three short years and during this time we hear little about His mother, Mary. What we do know is that Mary was there when her Son was crucified. The tears she must have shed were those of a Mother who loved him and didn’t understand why Jesus gave up his life for all of us.

Then, three days later, Mary finds out her Son is alive, he has risen from the dead and walks and talks with his disciples. I don’t know how Mary felt when she heard that Jesus was alive, but thinking as a mother, it had to be a moment of hope and unbelievable happiness. I’m thankful that Mary was Jesus’ mother. She was only a teenager but she did what God asked her to do. We, too, can be like Mary and when God asks us to do his will we can say “Yes” and let Him lead the way.

My wish for all of you is to have a great Mother’s Day, whether you are a mother, stepmother, aunt, niece, sister, grandmother or little girl. Enjoy being you; and I can also do that right here at “my Kitchen Table.”

Jean Rudolph


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