I am writing to thank Mr. Glazier for his rebuttal letter in The Daily News of Dec. 30, 2020 countering Mr. John Sackett’s sanction for solar farms in Byron.

It is outrageous that he should use his influential readership-following to speak such uninformed endorsement.

Driving the roads of Byron, one gets a visual banquet of the area’s abundance of agricultural bounty. Acres of green cabbage, snap beans and beets; sweet corn and the corn for cattle, and wheat … all foodstuffs that, we the American people — people of New York State, depend upon. Hard working farmers are providing for that abundance.

How does anyone turn over control of their land in a 15-25-40 year contract? It takes the land out of your say for two generations! The state is grabbing our land with edicts from a power-crazed governor. Does the land owner know what will happen to these leases and will he ever recapture his land?

And who pays for these inefficient solar farm projects? The answer is: the New York state taxpayer!!

There is so much more to know and surely Mr. Sackett hasn’t all of the facts.

Linda Call


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