Dear Editor,

November 17th is the day that the New York State United Teachers recognizes all of the School-Related Professionals working with our children. It is now a permanent day of recognition.

We in the Batavia Teachers’ Association wish to join our state organization in recognizing and thanking all of these professionals who work with the students in our district.

These School-Related Professionals work in a variety of capacities. They are teaching assistants, teacher aides, secretaries and clerks, custodians and cleaners, bus drivers and monitors, food service workers, security, and school nurses. These workers keep our school clean and in good repair, they provide transportation and nutritious lunches, and ensure that the school offices and classrooms run smoothly and efficiently. They work each day to make sure that the students of the Batavia City Schools have a safe, productive and educational day. In these troubling times, teachers and students have come to depend upon these individuals more than ever. They are essential to the success and emotional wellbeing of our students.

Please join us in thanking these wonderful people in our schools.

With respect and appreciation,

Nicholas Bestine

Vice president, Batavia Teachers’ Association

Johnson Newspapers 7.1