The view this month is spring it has sprung in Western New York maple syrup season is over the trees are all budded out.

The peas and radishes are planted I will share a few of my ideas about a garden. We have a pretty good garden out back but I love to keep containers of plants close to the house.

My favorite is an old rear tractor tire that I ruined a few years ago. I put a foot of manure in the bottom then we are lucky to have a company near us that bags garden soil for garden centers and big-box stores that lets you pick up no customer service you load yourself and pay. I fill the tire up then go find some worms to put in and you have a great container garden that has a built-in seat on the side for us old people.

The first two years I had strawberries in there too far down to pick them otherwise. Last fall I planted it with garlic and covered it with Alpaca beans and boy it loves that about 8 inches tall and growing every day.

I took an old cattle panel cut it in half and zip-tied it to make an A-frame planted peas on one side and cukes on the other as they bear fruit I can sit on a stool and pick the vegetables on the inside of the old panels.I had a five-gallon pail in the barn that was leaking so I filled it with a little manure and soil and a few worms planted green beans in it put it on our porch should be easy to pick beans in my rocking chair.

As we get older we come up with ideas to do what we used to do with a few wrinkles if you have an idea let me know

This year with the prices of food everyone should be thinking about growing your own either in the garden or a container. It will always taste better if you grew it.

Happy spring.

Thanks for reading.

Paul Trowbridge


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