I agree with the opinion by Bob Confer.

There are five proposals for New York State on this year’s election ballot, and remember, Election Day is Nov. 2, as it is the first Tuesday of the month of November.

I looked at all five proposals, and they are written in typical “hard to understand” political legal language. I looked up each proposal and then who sponsored these proposals and who approved them.

All five proposals were sponsored and approved by Democrats. So get informed and understand why and who the proposals were sponsored and approved by, and then decide.

If we are going to work to change things in New York State, get informed by reputable sources and vote. Hopefully our votes will count, but who knows? I didn’t see anything about a proposal to divide New York State, so it seems that the minority leaders’ voices in the New York state government are also silenced.

No balance of power in this state.

Only one party is still controlling everything in NYS, could be a reason why we are losing population in this state. Some who have moved out of this state, call it “The Communist State of New York.”

Judy Radley

Le Roy

Johnson Newspapers 7.1