“Heavens to Murgatroyd”!

1. There’s way too many vehicles exceeding the speed-limit on Batavia city streets. The limit is 30MPH,right? I suggest greater police enforcement.

2. There’s way too many vehicles on the road in 2022,which just adds to the danger from that listed above. I suggest that the DMV reprogram its state-of-the-art computers to limit car registrations to two(2) per mailing address. That would put an end to the 3 and 4 and 5 cars in households and residences,and thus limit the number of vehicles on the road.

3. There’s way too many vehicle drivers out there who do not understand the “right-on-red” law. I suggest that yes,you can turn “right-on-red”,but only after you stop and look to your left for oncoming traffic,which you routinely do,good for you(!);and then,look to your right for incoming traffic,bicyclists and pedestrians,ususally,which most of you do not routinely do,bad for you!

4. There’s way too many vehicle drivers out there who do not know,or understand, the rules of the road that apply to these new-fangled “bicycle lanes” or “bicycle paths” rearing their (ugly) heads with greater frequency on the city streets of Batavia. I suggest that it be made mandatory that applicants for new driver-licenses are instructed and tested on this totally new phenomenon of “bicycle lanes”. Ditto for holders of licenses upon their renewals.

There,4 suggestions to increase safety on the streets of Batavia. Failure to implement any of them makes one almost want to give up bicycling or walking or jogging.

Donald Weyer


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