If anyone reading this knows where I can send a speeding ticket to summer please let me know. I had so many things I wanted to do this summer that I missed out last summer. Now summer is in my rearview mirror.

I realized it this week when the hummingbirds left last week. Our barn swallows left after they raised two hatches – one of three babies, one of two. Just amazing to watch them learn to fly, then watch the parents teach them to scoop bugs out of the air. I love to watch them follow the haybine grabbing bugs as I raised them into the air cutting hay.

The thing that really made me realize summer is gone is the fourth hatching of our monarch butterflies left for Mexico this week. They are just amazing as they hatch. They only live on the sticky white stuff that’s from certain milkweed. It makes them taste bad so no other bugs will eat them. As they turn into butterflies, they only eat nectars from flowers. Just think no GPS and they get to the same place in Mexico every year. Mother Nature at her finest.

Now, one more thing this fall when the honey bees smother all the drone bees (male) and drag them out of the hive because they serve no purpose to make the hive survive the winter. The drones just eat honey during the winter and the hive needs all they have to survive the winter. When the hives need drones in the spring to mate the virgin queens the queen will lay male eggs. Another wonder of Mother Nature at its finest for sure.

Please take the time to read about how all these creatures have learned to survive all this time a true miracle.

Thanx For Readen,

Paul Trowbridge


P.S. Mother nature does fine by itself please keep people away

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