Somebody took my wife’s dog.

This wasn’t a flesh and fur, floppy eared, tail-wagging real-life dog. This was a 15-inch high stone statue that has sat beside my wife Patricia’s gravestone in St. Joseph Cemetery since she passed away six years ago. Our grandson and his wife put it there shortly after her death and it has remained there every year during the spring, summer and fall months. I removed it in late fall in accordance with cemetery rules and returned it, with flowers, in April on the anniversary of her passing.

That statue represented a real dog, a Cock-A-Poo named “Shadow” that was my wife’s constant companion and spent what seemed like half his life on her lap. That statue itself didn’t cost very much money, but to those of us who loved my wife and knew what it represented, it meant a great deal.

After checking with the cemetery maintenance crew to make sure they didn’t remove it for mowing purposes, I have come to the conclusion that some thoughtless grownup took it. If it had been kids or teenagers, they would have just destroyed it along with a basket of flowers that hangs over the stone.

We live in a much different world than the one I grew up in. There is much less compassion and consideration of others than there used to be.

I would like to say to the person who walked off with that grave decoration, you probably thought “What the heck! It won’t hurt anybody.”


Lawrence Conway


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