Obey first responders during emergencies

First responders are shown at the scene of a Sept. 23 fatal accident in Pembroke.



Recently the Pembroke and Indian Falls Fire Departments had a terrible accident in our district. A lot of people helped that day. For over six hours, two of us stopped traffic from heading northbound on Route 77 at the New York State Thruway.

There was a “gentleman” who thought he should have been allowed to pass through. He even came back a second time. My partner was the one to speak with him then. I could hear him calling me names I have never been called in my life. My partner stood up for me while I was asking him if I needed to call law enforcement. Yes, it was that bad.

To those who understood why we were there and responded appropriately, thank you. To those who were frustrated we could not give each of you personal alternative directions — while standing in the middle of a busy road — think about it.

To my brothers and sisters of the volunteer fire service: I would not have given up those hours for anyone else. In addition to our volunteers, we were holding traffic for the safety of law enforcement, ambulance crews, tow operators and National Grid crews.

To the public: The next time you see your amazing local volunteer firefighters, EMTs, fire police, etc., say a prayer for our safety, then follow directions as quickly and safely as possible. And, think about becoming one of us!

Lu Anne Mileham, Firefighter/EMT

Indian Falls Fire

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