At this time, with all the problems that we have, it is good to know that there are good people out there willing to do good. We read or hear about scammers and other people who take advantage of others. Fortunately, they are the minority, even though it doesn’t see that way.

This country is full of good people who are willing to step up and do whatever needs to be done to help their neighbors. People who fly planes to deliver supplies to remote hospitals. CEOs who give up some or all of their pay so that their employees can be paid. All the care workers who put their families on hold and risk their health to help those who are sick. Small towns, like Elba, who have farmers who donate vegetables so that others will have food to eat. Our thanks to Mortellaro Farms, Starowitz Farms, Torrey Farms and Duey Farms for their generous donations to the school lunch program. Thanks to Elba Central for doing lunches for our citizens. Thanks to the people who volunteer to hand out the food and make the lunches.

We have a great town, country, state and country. We all need to appreciate what we have and work together so that we can all get through this rough time.

Be kind, considerate, helpful and safe. Follow the guidelines and think of others.

Nancy Miller

Kaelen Ball


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