To Liz Rowsick, What has President Trump done for women? Let’s talk the economy. Our nation had created more than 7 million jobs since the 2016 election to February 2020 — and women have filled over half, or more than 4 million, of those vacancies.

The unemployment rate for women stood at a minuscule 3.2 percent pre-pandemic, and last September reached its lowest level since 1953. And as the unemployment rate has declined, so too did the number of women in poverty, decreasing by 1.5 million in President Trump’s first two years in office. He has directed more than $200 million per year to technology education grants for women and programs that encourage participation in STEM careers.

President Trump’s biggest achievement is passing the largest paid parental leave policy in U.S. history, which is huge for working moms and will set the stage for expanded paid leave throughout the country. President Trump also doubled the child tax credit. The “largest-ever expansion” of the Child Care and Development Block Grant, a $2.37 billion increase that Congress approved in 2018.

Also women accounted for more of the workforce than men for only the second time in U.S. history, pointing to Labor Department figures released in January 2020. Those numbers showed women held 50.04 percent of jobs in December 2019. And in 2019, 72 percent of new jobs secured went to women. Why are Women For Trump? I don’t think I have to say anymore, too bad the press won’t tell you this.

Christopher Hall

East Bethany

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